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Re: exim vs. exim-tiny (was: RFC: OpenLDAP and TLS/SSL)

David Pashley <david@davidpashley.com> writes:

> As the main person in #exim on OPN, I've seen several people ask
> about exim with mysql or postgres support. There is a bug about
> having mysql support in exim in debian. (Wouldn't it be nice to have
> voting in debbugs?). I realise that exim does not have the sanest of
> build systems, but is there any chance of getting two exim packages
> built? 

Yes, there is. It requires quite a few modifications to debian/rules. 
I have done this before for building our internal Exim packages with
embedded Perl support. I just keep multpile EDITME files in the
debian/ directory and have debian/rules copy them as needed.

I have contacted Mark Baker about this before, but he seems not to
have had the time to look at my patches.


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