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* Torsten Landschoff (torsten@debian.org) wrote:
> Today I was convinced by Stephen Frost that I can just enable SSL support
> in the OpenLDAP packages I maintain. No problem so far, but:
> - libldap2 is Priority: important
> - this change will make it depend on libssl0.9.6
> - libssl0.9.6 is Priority: standard
> Any suggestions welcome

Hey all,

  I already explained my feelings about this to Torsten but since we're
  moving it to -devel I'll lay out my thoughts here too.

  First off, crypto is important to us and I think we tend to feel that
  it is important for our users as well.  Thus, I see libssl0.9.6 being
  made Priority: Important as a good option.

  If there are too many other issues with making libssl0.9.6 important
  (though it only Depends: on libc and isn't very big?) then I would
  think that we are very concerned about the size and would therefore
  recommend that ldap support be removed from exim or exim be split into
  exim-tiny for Important and exim-big with everything enabled.  Of
  course, exim support being modified to be modular would be an
  excellent option but would require a decent amount of work I think.

  Not having any exim with support for mysql in Debian has been a
  problem in the past for Debian users that I know.



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