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Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org> writes:

> Today I was convinced by Stephen Frost that I can just enable SSL support
> in the OpenLDAP packages I maintain. No problem so far, but:
> - libldap2 is Priority: important
> - this change will make it depend on libssl0.9.6
> - libssl0.9.6 is Priority: standard
> So - what should I do to handle this? Can the priority of libssl0.9.6 be
> easily changed? Or should I rather provide libldap2{,-ssl}? Technically
> it would not be a big deal since the interface of libldap2 does not
> change if you enable ssl. Also I wonder if a slapd package without 
> ssl would be in order. After all there are still people using Debian
> who are not allowed to import all that crypto stuff from the US.

As far as I know, exim is the only package with priority: important that
depend on libldap2. Howevery, the basic configuration generated by exim's
postinst doesn't use the LDAP functionality (AFAIK). So, I think exim
should be fixed so that it doesn't depend on libldap2 anymore.

Then lildap2 wouldn't need to be important anymore - your problem
would be solved, and base would shrink. :)

We could instead have an exim-bloated package with full
LDAP/MySQL/PostgreSQL/SSL functionality as priority extra.

Tore Anderson

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