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Re: bug#152736 X doesn't start due to no cursor font!

* Bastien Nocera (hadess@hadess.net) wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 04:55, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> > I continue to have problems with this bug. Now X refuses to start
> > because it can't locate the default cursor font. Here's the message:
> > 
> > Fatal server error:
> > could not open default cursor font 'cursor'
> > 
> > But I do have a cursor font, even though I don't have xfonts-gimpers 1.8
> > installed (it refuses to install anyway). But I do have xfonts-artwiz
> > installed. I purged xfonts-gimpers from my system and now X has a brain
> > tumor. This is a critical bug and should have been fixed by now.
> 1) You're very welcome trying to fix it and NMU it. I only have so much
> time to fix bugs.

I could, except I'm not 100% sure what the fix really is and I don't
want to step on the toes of the other package maintainers (I'm only
trying to become a debian developer myself with a package of ASD).

> 2) Stop spamming me and the BTS, or use -quiet, I already receive a copy
> of the mail you send to the BTS.

I apologize for this. You should only get one copy of this mail (2 if
you count the one to DD).

> 3) I'm going to explain what's going on (or what I think is going on):
> xfonts-gimpers was piggy-backing on xfonts-artwiz' diversion of the
> cursor font, so that xfonts-artwiz and xfonts-gimpers could be installed
> at the same time.
> xfonts-artwiz split up the cursor and the fonts at some point, that's
> where the mess begins.

Yep. There's a file called
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/cursor.pcf.gz-base in xfonts-base that was
diverted from xfonts-artwiz. To me, this is a bug in xfonts-artwiz, it
shouldn't do that.

> I don't know what's happening, but when you upgrade xfonts-artwiz, it
> removes the X cursor.

Yep. My quick "hack" fix was to copy the file back to cursor.pcf.gz and
that seems to work just fine. But it's really not "standard" and the
appropriate package maintainers for xfonts-base, xfonts-artwiz, and
xfonts-gimpers should get together and agree to the best course of
action. I personally think, none of the extra packages should stomp on
the xfonts-base versions unless they are completely renamed. 

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