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Re: ITP: mini-dinstall -- daemon for updating Debian packages in a repository

Colin Walters wrote:
> > I've been using a hackish program to manage my archive, so I'm very
> > interested. It doesn't do quite what my old program does though
> > (~joeyh/bin/package-sync).
> On which machine is this ~joeyh?

auric, gluck, anything else I've checked my home directory out into lately.

> > * I need the ability to keep my existing sources.list lines, which are pretty
> >   well-known. I will only ever have i386 and all in my repository, so I
> >   don't need separate directories. And $(ARCH) is icky. I lump everything
> >   into one directory and use:
> This is a bit tricky.  It would be nice to support a few more layouts
> though.  The reason I don't support a single directory-style layout is
> because you can't mix different architecture .debs in there, so I didn't
> really find it useful.

I think I might be willing to bend on this one, but it would be nice.

>  * A proper Incoming directory would be nice. I was confused at first
> >   about where exactly to upload stuff to and tried putting stuff in the
> >   i386/ and all/ directories.
> Well, basically each distribution is its own archive.  There isn't
> really a pool structure, because to have a pool type thing, you really
> need a database to keep track of it, tools to manage it, and at that
> point you might as well just use the full-blown dinstall.

No, I was just looking for a incoming/ dirctory that I can put stuff
into and it takes the files from, uploading direct to the base directory
of an archive feels strange somehow.

> > * I need the ability to have a hook that runs a program passing it a changes
> >   file name once it successfully puts a package into the archive. I use
> >   this type of hook to auto-update web pages for debian native packages, and
> >   I would like to use it as a way to launch a secondary dput to the main
> >   debian archive, since I currently upload everything to my own local archive
> >   and also to Incoming.
> That's a pretty cool idea.  Should be implemented in the latest;
> the option is called "post_installation_script".

I hope you can do the pre_installation_target I mentioned on irc too.

see shy jo

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