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Re: Bug#156852: ITP: ttf-dustismo -- general purpose gpl'ed truetype sans serif font

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 12:21:36PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > Meta package.  A virtual package is something quite different.  It is not a
> > package itself, but rather a package name, named in the "Provides:" control
> > field, thus emacs21 and emacs20 both have "Provides" of the virutal package
> > "emacsen".  A meta package, on the other hand, is a real package that has
> > nothing but control information in it, usually "Depends:" so when you
> > install the meta package it causes a group of other packages to be
> > installed.
> > 
> > If I gave the impression that the grouping should be by foundry, that is not
> > what I meant.  I think I mentioned that the foundry may be present in the
> > name of each actual font package, but that is all.  I imagined a good
> > grouping would be by function, i.e. "fonts suitable for foo".  The grouping
> > I suggested was ttf-latin for a nice collection of fonts supporting latin
> > characters.
> I don't understand the reasoning behind bloating debian with a buch of
> little packages that each include one font file. Can you explain? 

Ben Armstrong said the following in the thread above called "Linux

"I question the name free-ttfonts.  The convention seems to be:


when I proposed the free-ttffonts package. So, I was planning on
making a package for each source of fonts. He also suggested the use
of a meta package. 

> Note the existing freefont and sharefont packages, which were compiled
> by a Debian developer. Why should truetype fonts be packaged any
> differently?

I don't think they should. My original intent was to make a
free-ttffont package, and I'd rather do that. I guess since you're a
dd and you were in the front row at debconf, that gives you a little
seniority over Ben.  ;)

Seriously, I'd like to reach a consensus about this. Any more
objections to a freettffonts package? I have received a few responses
from font developers, so there will be a number of sources of ttf



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