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Re: Linux Fonts

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 09:07:47AM -0700, Dustin Mofos wrote:

> As far as the characters you mentioned specifically
> they should be there,  in fact I can see them using
> Dustismo right now (except for ?? which I have no idea
> what they are).  Thanks much for the link,  I can see
> now that I am missing a great deal of characters.

I was happy to notice that the encoding of your font is 10646-1 i.e.
it's an Unicode font. This is of personal interest to me because my open
source hobby is a chess database (no, I haven't published it yet) and
one of the many things I need is a chess font.

I actually made using pfaedit a chess TTF which looks quite good when 
printed but horrible on screen if the size is small. I used GPL'd images
from eboard-extras-pack1. When I asked at 
rec.games.chess.computer what kind of encoding I should use it was
pointed out that Unicode has chess pieces from decimal 9812 to decimal

It would be great, at least for me, if your font included chess pieces.
I'll be quite willing to contribute (how can I contribute to a font?)
unless someone who undestands fonts wants to do it.

Ari Makela		hauva@arska.org		 http://arska.org/hauva/

"Sailing is, after all, a kind of grace, a kind of magic." - Phil Berman

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