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Re: Linux Fonts

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 06:47:21AM -0700, Dustin Mofos wrote:
> Hello all,
> Thanks everyone for the advice on what license to
> release my font under.  I looked at all the options
> and decided to just go with the standard GPL.  

Great! In this thread:

Bug#156503: microsoft changed its policy, msttcorefonts broken

we have been discussing the problem of linux not having any high
quality, free as in speech, tt fonts. you're just in time!

> I have spent a lot of time on this font and it is
> nearly done.  it is a pretty standard sans-serif set,
> including all the accent and special characters.  I
> embedded bitmaps for all the smaller point sizes, so
> it should look, more or less, flawless onscreen.  If
> anyone would like to bang on it some, and give me
> feedback I would be greatful. I haven't done the whole
> family yet (no italics, bold, bold italics) I wanted
> to make sure everything works perfect before I start
> on those.  I haven't tested it on Linux yet , so I am
> interested to know if there are any problems.  
> Download the font here:
> http://www.cheapskatefonts.com/fonts/Dustismo.zip

I'll check it out asap. Have you viewed it in linux yet? Or do you
mean it looks flawless onscreen in windows?

A few questions. 

Is your font truetype? 
What did you use to make it?
Did you write your own hinting instructions? 
Would you be willing to help someone who wants to make more fonts? 
Would you be interested in making more yourself?

If noone else has offered, I'd love to package this font for inclusion
in debian, or include it a free-ttfonts package with a few other gpl
tt fonts. 

> thanks,

thank you!

> Dustin Norlander


michael cardenas | lead software engineer | lindows.com | hyperpoem.net

"Each something is a celebration of the nothing that supports it."
- John Cage

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