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Re: How to transition to G++ 3.2 wthout any breakage

I certainly prefer NOT doing any ugly stuff with dpkg.
"apt-get dist-upgrade" will uninstall packages that havn't been updated
to the new c++ yet, which certainly is worth a bug report on these
That is exactly the PRO of a good dependency management...
Instead of hacking some ugly stuff into dpkg, which is likely to break
more stuff, and adding a wrapper to _hundrets_ of applications certainly
is ugly... hacking the dynamic linker certainly is better than that...
ANY such hack is more likely do break than the dependency system (which
will just keep a few packages in an "uninstallable" state for sid,
people could always get the latest package from sarge...)

No, IMHO the best way should rely only on the Dependency system.
I'm fine with adding a char or other tag to the package, too - lot's of
package names (and especially the affected library names) are already
quite cryptic... another char doesn't matter there...

The change from libpng2 -> libpng3 with gtk2 was FINE, imho. It worked
like a charm... I waited until the list of packages which would be
deinstalled by that move contained and switched then... i lost just two
or three apps i had installed, so what... (mostly i lost
mozilla-snapshot and galeon-snapshot which i built myself ;)
And if that gcc -> 3.2 move takes a month - well, i can live a months
with the software versions i have installed right now. I don't need the
bleeding edge for any price. The dependencies should help me know the
price i had to pay... ;)

But people will need to learn the difference between apt-get upgrade and
apt-get dist-upgrade... i guess we'll get dozens of these bug reports
while doing the move...

What about preparing for future instances of this problem?
Could we maybe have all new libs in /usr/lib/libc6/gcc3.2/
so if this occurs again, it will easier be solved?
(hmm... i don't like these paths, either... but some stuff like this
should probably be done...)
Well, i'm not a dynamic linking insider, these are just my ideas.
There are others much more competent around.

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