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Re: How to transition to G++ 3.2 wthout any breakage

> No because it is overcomplicated
This isn't a problem for you, I'm doing the work (I have already managed
to write a program to detect the ABI, a wrapper generator and patched
dpkg to move libraries; I still have to do shlibs support and hook the
wrapper generator to dpkg).
If it isn't accepted, I'll just further patch dpkg and apt to ignore the
bogus conflicts that would be added and use it locally.

> and dpkg has no business making this kind
> of on-the-fly adjustment.
Of course it would be better to avoid having to do things like this but
unfortunately there is simply no other solution that doesn't break
existing G++ v2 packages.

By modifying dpkg, no other packages need to be modified (with the
exception of changing the names and pre-depending on the new dpkg for
users' convenience).

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