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Linux Fonts

Hello all,

Thanks everyone for the advice on what license to
release my font under.  I looked at all the options
and decided to just go with the standard GPL.  

I have spent a lot of time on this font and it is
nearly done.  it is a pretty standard sans-serif set,
including all the accent and special characters.  I
embedded bitmaps for all the smaller point sizes, so
it should look, more or less, flawless onscreen.  If
anyone would like to bang on it some, and give me
feedback I would be greatful. I haven't done the whole
family yet (no italics, bold, bold italics) I wanted
to make sure everything works perfect before I start
on those.  I haven't tested it on Linux yet , so I am
interested to know if there are any problems.  

Download the font here:

Dustin Norlander

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