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Re: Linux Fonts

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 06:47:21AM -0700, Dustin Mofos wrote:
> Download the font here:
> http://www.cheapskatefonts.com/fonts/Dustismo.zip

Hm.  I tried dropping it in as a replacement for tuxpaint's current font
(simply by renaming the fonts in /usr/share/tuxpaint/fonts out of the way
and copying Dustismo.ttf to the names expected by tuxpaint) and I get
nothing but empty characters.  I am able to view the font with gfontview,
however.  I wonder what could be wrong?  Tuxpaint uses libSDL-ttf, which,
in turn, uses libttf.  Gfontview uses libttf as well.  Perhaps an SDL issue?

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