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Re: Move to python 2.2 as default release?

>>On Aug 06, Torsten Landschoff wrote:
>>As the new upstream of python-gnome (for GNOME 2) needs python 2.2 for
>>building I am wondering when python 2.2 will get the default version
>>for Debian. Any insights?
>I believe a consensus was reached on debian-python that we would move
>to Python 2.3 as the next default Python, skipping 2.2 entirely.
>My recommendation would be to separately maintain a python
>2.2-compatible python-gnome and a <2.1 compatible version, at least
>until the 2.3 release.
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The new Python Business Forum (www.python-in-business.com) is
collaborating with the Python developers to produce Python-in-a-Tie,
a business-targetted release of Python.  This is a 'Sumo-Release',
which will include other useful Python libraries and programs which
are not part of the standard Python releases. What we want is a release we 
tell our cyustomers to run which will give them 18 months or so
during which there is no need for them, as users, not developers, to
upgrade a to a newer version of Python.  Then we will target a next
release, and to be the next Python-in-a-Tie.  I am the Chairman of
the Python-in-a-Tie SIG, and the Python-in-a-Tie release is going
to be based on 2.2, not 2.1 or 2.3.  Thus 2.2 is the release which
we are telling Python developers is the release which they should
write for.  Therefore I think that skipping the 2.2 release in
favour of the 2.3 would be a mistake.

Please cc any discussion and replies to me since I do not read
debian-devel.  Thanks very much,

Laura Creighton

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