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Re: Large file support?

In article <[🔎] 1028889097.31340.102.camel@linda>,
Oliver Elphick  <olly@lfix.co.uk> wrote:
>The question has been raised of large file support in PostgreSQL.  This
>would be especially useful for pg_dump, which on a very large database
>could easily write a file larger than 2Gb.

Just open the output file with O_LARGEFILE, so that the output
file can grow over 2 GB.

Alternatively use pg_dump > file, since I/O redirection is done
by the shell, and bash/zsh/etc are compiled with largefile support.

>I've checked the glibc and kernel docs, but I cannot be sure from those
>whether it is safe to turn on large file support for the binary
>packages.  Will it work with any kernel? or will it break when run with
>an older kernel?

It will not break with older kernels, but it will only work
with 2.4 kernels.

However compiling with largefile support will change the size
of off_t from 32 bits to 64 bits - if postgres uses off_t or
anything else related to file offsets in a binary struct in one
of the database files you will break stuff pretty heavily. I
would not compile postgres with largefile support until it
is officially supported by the postgres developers.


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