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Re: Bug#155626: ITP: exiscan -- An email virus scanner for the exim MTA

Brian May wrote:

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 11:45:47AM -0500, Keith G. Murphy wrote:

As it is, amavis is working OK, so I haven't bothered rocking
the boat, in absence of a package (though I have had to go to a non-packaged version of amavis as well).


I was waiting for that shoe to drop.  :-)

At the time, I needed a late build (IIRC, I wanted to check out the latest code that deals with warning messages back to the virus sender), so I built 20020517 myself.

Now, I notice debian has that build of amavis-exim in unstable, but I don't see amavis-exim at all in stable or testing. I don't believe that late a build was available even in unstable at the time (I notice I built it on 6/6). If you had a Debian package ready by then, you're damn quick. :-)

As it is, I'm impressed you have it out by now, and I appreciate your work.

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