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Re: Registering 'debconf.com' for future conferences

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002 01:56, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> With talk of the next DebConfs (the event, not the software!) starting
> to happen, and while looking for a decent URL to use for the upcoming
> Debian Mini-Conf which I'm organising in Perth/AU next year, I thought
> I'd register 'debconf.com' to use for this and other Debian events.
> I'll submit an application shortly, but I'm giving a bit of warning in
> case anyone thought I was trying to usurp it from a more worthy owner.
> I'm happy to register/pay for/host it and basically hold it as
> 'caretaker' if that's cool with everyone involved in organising
> conferences.

Good idea!  Go for it.

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