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Re: Bug#155376: what is default editor in /bin

On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, Osamu Aoki wrote:

> I did not realize nano-tiny.  So removal of "ae" during upgrade did not
> trigger installation of "nano-tiny".  That is a problem.

That is not a problem. Packages are not automagically removed during
upgrades just because no new releases of them are available anymore.
Either you did something wrong, or you discovered a dpkg/apt bug.

> Anyway here is my summary of situation.
>     program                                            location
> Req ae(potato)      962-26      Anthony's Editor       /bin
> Opt nano-tiny       1.1.9-2     free Pico clone        /bin
> Imp ed              0.2-19      The classic unix ed    /bin
> Imp nano            1.1.10-1    free Pico clone        /usr/bin
> Imp nvi             1.79-20     4.4BSD re-imple.       /usr/bin
> Opt vim             6.1.048-1   Vi IMproved            /usr/bin
> Opt emacs20         20.7-13.1   The GNU Emacs editor.  /usr/bin
> Opt nano-tiny-utf8  1.0.8-1     free Pico clone (utf8) /bin
>      (nano-tiny-utf8 conflict with nano-tiny)
> I think few things needs to happen.
>  * nano-tiny needs to be "Required"
> [...]

I don't think ae should have been required in the past to begin with.
The important thing is that some editor is available by default after
installing a system from scratch. Upgrading from potato to woody
should not make any new "required" editor to be installed automatically.

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