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Dock Apps packaging

There are currently 28 WindowMaker dockapps in the archive. If you take
a look at http://dockapps.org/ you will find 90 dockapps. More or less
valuable, funny or useful. All of these dockapps are likely to be
packaged one day or another by DD's using them.
The important point is that most of those dockapps are very small
software packages, and not updated very often, if at all - excepted a
few of very active ones. That's why I think packaging every single
dockapp separately is a waste of time, of place in the Packages file,
and of disk space.
Also, users who like dockapps are likely to install many of them. So I'm
thinking of packaging one or a few bundles of dockapps from
dockapps.org. This would be valuable without bloating anything.
What do you fellow developers think of this way of packaging ?
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