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Re: trustworthy, seasoned developer, and Swedish

martin f krafft wrote:
> anyone of you with fulfilling the subject's three requirements? i've
> been contacted about donations for debian in sweden, and if you would
> be able to, it would be great if you could proxy those.
> or does anyone have better suggestions on how to handle swedish
> donations?

That probably depends on the type of the donation:


  . Organize debconf 4 in scandinavia and use the money to lower the
    price per developer.

  . Is a donation to another European entity acceptable?  If so, check
    the SPI web pages.


  . Depends on the type.  If it's non-ia32, it could be used for
    porting with a Swedish developer.  If it is ia32, it's probably
    best used at some LUG/DUG somewhere in the country.

Bandwidth & Hardware

  . If the bandwidth is good and the machine is decent and well
    suited, it could be used for a currently unused project (like some
    Debian Savannah for example).

I'm probably missing something.



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