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Re: trustworthy, seasoned developer, and Swedish

> Hardware
>   . Depends on the type.  If it's non-ia32, it could be used for
>     porting with a Swedish developer.  If it is ia32, it's probably
>     best used at some LUG/DUG somewhere in the country.
> Bandwidth & Hardware
>   . If the bandwidth is good and the machine is decent and well
>     suited, it could be used for a currently unused project (like some
>     Debian Savannah for example).

If it's either of these two, it would probably be helpful to get in
contact with me first. I can tell you if I already know of a developer
or project that might be able to use the hardware or help you find
one. After that, I can work to make sure everything is in line in
terms of Debian, SPI, and the donor (you).

B. Mako Hill                      |   Debian Hardware Donations Delegate
mako@debian.org                   |   "Project Quartermaster"
http://people.debian.org/~mako/   |   hardware-donations@debian.org

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