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Re: How will Debian someday remove ports of obsolete hardware?

Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> wrote:

> > How many lunatics would you require for a port to be active?
> Who knows. But it's certainly ridiculous hyperbole to say that we'll
> maintain a port for only one person.

I think the underlying problem here is viewing the debian mirror network
as identical mirror copies of a huge directory tree.  All that is
important for most of the mirrors is that they can cache the most
frequently used packages in the repository, and periodic updates merely
update the list of packages available, and perhaps pre-cache the most
frequently requested or important packages.

An easy way to do this might be to make the mirror live under a CGI

  deb http://mirror/debmirror.cgi stable main

And the debmirror.cgi script can then emulate a full archive, pulling
unseen packages from upstream mirrors as necessary and updating its
internal partial mirror itself (ideally in such a way that direct access
to that partial mirror, without going through the CGI script gives you
access to the partial packages).

This way, someone could dedicate less than the total size of the
archive to the mirror, and still expect to help decrease the load on
the existing mirror servers.
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