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Re: POSSIBLE BUG : some woody packages coming from potato and not pool?

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> * Walter Tautz <wtautz@math.uwaterloo.ca> [2002-07-30 16:30]:
> > Not sure this makes any sense perhaps someone can clarify the
> > situation.  Perhaps I'm just confused :-)
> Those packages haven't been updated since potato.  If you look at a
> Debian woody ISO you will see that it contains a potato directory with
> those files in it.
> -- 
> Martin Michlmayr

Yes, in short woody depends on potato packages which forces one to mirror
potato on an ftp server for example. Isn't this a bug?

Btw, how many packages in woody come from potato?

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