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Re: xaw3d incompatibilities

T> Hi all, I'm trying to update 'axe' to fix the latest bug filed
T> against it (#120234), but I can't figure out what's the current
T> situation with this whole Xaw incompatibility business. Does XFree4
T> still have these incompatibility problems? What is the new
T> mechanism for dealing with this?  (xaw-wrappers doesn't exist
T> anymore, obviously.)

xaw3d has been written relying on undocumented internals of Xt.  When
those undocumented interfaces changed in XFree86 4.x, compatibility
was dead.  So it's the fault of xaw3d and XFree86 definitely won't
(and shouldn't) be "fixed" in this regard.

Currently the best way is imho to depend on xaw3d explicitly.  Or you
can kiss the 3d widgets goodbye and just link with Xaw.

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