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Re: Get rid of /etc/mtab ?

(btw, please don't cc me on list posts)

Previously Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 / ext3 rw 0 0
> Always(?) the first entry.

Maybe on your machine. Not everyone uses devfs (only a minority do)

> As in my other mail: Does the kernel know about the bind option or is
> that mount intern?

Kernel knows about it (see mount manpage or try google for more info)

> That is probably the hardest to fix since mount realy only mounts the
> loopback device. Somehow the kernel would have to notice or be told
> that mount does the losetup and not the user.

The kernel doesn't (and argueably shouldn't) care.

> > - Diskquota quota options are not reflected
> Again, does anything break there?


> I gues the kernel does now about the quotas options, otherwise quotas
> wouldn't work, right? So they could be shown in /proc/mounts with some
> additional code when generating the file?

Feel free to patch the kernel. You can rely on that being present about
2 major kernel revisions after the patch has been accepted though (ie
not for another couple of years).

> It works. I use(d) it on several maschines.

It works for you. It doesn't in all cases. And a readonly / is only
useful in a minority of cases so I think we're better of just writing
down how to go about using a readonly / instead of adding
yet-another-obscure-option to the installation process.


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