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Re: tenative ITP linux-wlan-ng; soliciting advice

Peter Hicks wrote:
> well, I would hate to dissuade you from packaging the linux-wlan
> drivers, but I have no trouble using prism2, orinoco, or cisco aironet
> cards with the stock debian 2.4.18 kernel. Both my lucent card and my
> smc 2632 use the hermes/orinoco_cs drivers. I tested a cisco card last
> monday and it worked fine, but I don't have it around to check which
> drivers it used.

As far as I know wlan-ng is the only game in town for pci prism2 cards.
And I've done the necessary work to integrate it with
/etc/network/interfaces already:

iface wlan0 inet static
# Should be either ad-hoc or managed. Used managed if you have an AP.
        wireless_mode ad_hoc
# Leave this unset to associate with any access point. Set to pick an
# access point, or in ad-hoc mode.
        wireless_essid wortroot
# A name for your machine. Required.
        wireless_nick dragon
# For ad-hoc mode, you must specify a channel.
        wireless_channel 1
# To enable WEP, uncomment the next line.
#       wireless_enc on
# To set a WEP key, either use a string, which will be converted to a key:
#       wlan_ng_priv_genstr foo
# (Using the specified key length.)
#       wlan_ng_priv_key128 false
# Or set keys explicitly.
#       wlan_ng_key0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
#       wlan_ng_key1 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
#       wlan_ng_key2 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
#       wlan_ng_key3 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
# If you set a key, remember to make the file mode 600!
# In managed mode, set to "sharedkey" if a shared key is required.
#       wlan_ng_authtype opensystem
# If you are serving as an AP, uncommnent this to require WEP for all STAs.
#       wlan_ng_exclude_unencrypted true
# Some extra ah-hoc mode settings:
# Beacon interval (in Kus)
#       wlan_ng_bcint 100
# Rates for mgmt&ctl frames (in 500Kb/s)
#       wlan_ng_basicrates 2 4
# Supported rates in BSS (in 500Kb/s)
#       wlan_ng_oprates 2 4 11 22
# You can set arbitrary MIB items with this directive, separated by
# whitespace. Each will then be set.
#       wlan_ng_user_mibs p2CnfRoamingMode=1

(It also does a really impressive job of getting ad-hoc link quality
stats right automatically. Despite the huge complexity, I think I like

see shy jo

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