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Re: Sysklogd "freezing" machine when remote server croaks.

Mike Dresser <mdresser_l@windsormachine.com> writes:

> I've filed a bug against #22673, but wanted to know if anyone else has run
> into problems with sysklogd freezing a machine if a remote syslog server
> goes down.  Just had to spend a few hours tracking that down, because for
> the first time in a year I had to restart syslogd, for the potato to woody
> change-over.

I've never had such a problem with a remote server, but I had a
problem with logging to a console.  Dunno if this is related or
not.  Anyway, I have the following lines in my syslog.conf:

    *.*                            /dev/tty11
    daemon.*                       /dev/tty12

One day I switched to console 11 and accidentally hit Scroll Lock
without knowing it.  Soon after, I found that I was unable to log
in anywhere, and certain operations failed consistently.  I
eventually figured out that it was because they were blocking
against a syslog operation, which was blocking against writing to
tty 11.
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