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Re: Planned packages for sarge

On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 02:52:44PM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > Sounds a lot more like a threat than an incentive.
> Maybe it is a threat.  (Incidentally, it is the exact same
> threat/incentive that you and other RMs have used with individual
> developers who have buggy packages that are holding up the release -
> hence IMHO it's eminiently fair, just targeted at a different group of
> developers.)  

It's much grander in scope. Removing architectures isn't a trivial thing
to do: it affects whole bunches of packages that were only being kept
around because they were needed for that architecture, makes Debian
completely unusable for a whole range of people and situations, and is
very difficult to change your mind about.

> If any arch got on the ball and ported d-i between
> sarge and sarge+1, a point release of sarge (3.1r1) could target that
> architecture as well.

No way, point releases need to be minor, and adding an architecture is
anything but that.

A more plausible threat, IMO, is "If you don't have a functioning
installer by release, then sure, you'll release, but you won't be
installable when you do." Completely tautological, but still has those
nice black overtones.

But since d-i doesn't work at all yet, that's a bit premature.


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