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Re: NMU ultimatum within less then 12h is rude (was: Bug#118388: intent to NMU merlin-cpufire)

Donning asbestos underware.....

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 09:27:08PM +0100, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> Do NOT touch and NMU any of my packages UNLESS you send me a patch for a Bug
> and I refused/was unable to put it into the package for weeks (if it does
> not break anything besides that package).
> If anybody dares i will be PISSED OFF...

So you get PISSED OFF when people fix bugs in your packages during bug
squashing parties?  I had someone "fix" a package of mine in a bug
squashing party, never sent a patch, never contacted me personally,
and uploaded the NMU version.  Had I been contacted, I could have told
them the upstream package was being updated and there was a better
fix for the problem.  

Lighten up (both of you) -  Bernd has a point, doesn't want someone creating
a mess he has to clean up later.  Branden has just as valid a point - he
is BEING PAID to work on ia64 compatibility of packages, and can devote
time to fixing build problems on the ia64.  Why can't the two of you work 
*together* to solve the problem, instead of getting in a public pissing
match that does no good for anyone (except suck up bandwidth)?


Patrick Ouellette

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