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The next release (was: Planned packages for sarge)

also sprach Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> [2002.07.21.1506 +0200]:
> My opinion is - begin the freeze in 2-3 months, deep freeze near to
> Christmas and release in spring.

I second that. For Woody we had the excuse that it's our first time.
Now I think we're ready for biannual releases (correct me if I am
wrong, I am only speculating), and it's just going to be easier if we
do it more frequently.

> Windows-Air:
> Der Check-In ist super-einfach, das Terminal bunt, die Angestellten alle
> korrekt gekleidet, Du wirst königlich behandelt, das Flugzeug hebt sanft
> ab, aber explodiert nach 10 Minuten in der Luft.

I would consider the check-in counter-intuitive, and I wouldn't expect
a treatment like a king. The airplane would be delayed by half a year,
it would take an hour to take off, and it would attempt to take other
airplanes down with it as it crashes.

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