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Re: Planned packages for sarge

Mark Howard said, and I quote:
> hi,
>   Well done to everyone for the woody release!
> Are there any plans for what packages will go into sarge? or will you
> just wait xx months and freeze with whatever is there at the time. 
> IMHO, it would be better to plan what is expected to go in sarge, then
> the freeze can start as soon as these packages are ready and any other
> major releases will have to wait until sarge+1. Hopefully then new
> upstream releases won't hold back the next release. 
> A start of a list could look like:
> - new menu system
> - PGI 
> - KDE 3.0.x

With any luck this will be 3.1.x. AIUI 3.1 is due for release in
October. The packages are being kept reasonably up to date with HEAD.

> - GNOME 2.0.x
> - Apache 2
> - Perl 5.8
> - hurd ?sarge +1?
> ...
> Obviously the individual maintainers of the major packages would have to
> contribute as only they know what can realistically be achieved.
> By major packages, I (mainly) mean packages which many other packages
> depend on; and packages which are very complex.
> Also note the importance of adding to the list such items as "major
> policy change of foo" and "major changes to foobar infrastructure, so
> that it supports bar".
I believe that making gcc 3.1 the default compiler will be a major goal.
The transition to libpng3 could be included in the list.

> If major new release which aren't on the list are made before the start
> of the freeze, then perhaps they should be packaged in experimental and
> only be allowed into sid (and the planned packages list) if they are in
> an almost-complete state, waiting for further testing, at a fixed time
> before the planned start of the freeze.
> I expect many people will have their own opinions about what should go
> into sarge, but what is really needed to make this work is some sort of
> approval of such a list by the important people (release manager)

David Pashley
Nihil curo de ista tua stulta superstitione.

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