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Re: NEWS.Debian files

Jim Penny wrote:
> I have two questions:
>   When do you intend presentation to occur; before or after
>   installation?
>     Reason question arises - how does this address a package which is
>     known to break working installation, due to configuration
>     incompatibility, library incompatibility, or whatever.  The previous
>     mails in this thread have suggested an email after installation is
>     completed.  This may be too late!

Look at how apt-listchanges works by default now, and the various things
it can be configured to do, and draw your own conclusions.

>   How does this handle version transition problems?
>     Numbers are chosen at random below.  Suppose there is a sharp break
>     point, say that upgrading from version <=1.3 requires special work
>     that is not needed for versions >1.3.  How can the packager arrange
>     to have the information presented only to users of versions <=1.3?
>     I suspect that this is easy, but I want to ask that this kind of
>     problem be considered up front.

I doubt it can.

see shy jo

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