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Re: NEWS.Debian files

I have two questions:

  When do you intend presentation to occur; before or after

    Reason question arises - how does this address a package which is
    known to break working installation, due to configuration
    incompatibility, library incompatibility, or whatever.  The previous
    mails in this thread have suggested an email after installation is
    completed.  This may be too late!

  How does this handle version transition problems?

    Numbers are chosen at random below.  Suppose there is a sharp break
    point, say that upgrading from version <=1.3 requires special work
    that is not needed for versions >1.3.  How can the packager arrange
    to have the information presented only to users of versions <=1.3?

    I suspect that this is easy, but I want to ask that this kind of
    problem be considered up front.

Jim Penny

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