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Re: Looking for a volunteer position

Brandt Dusthimer <brandt@dusthimers.com> wrote:
>        Just curious.  I've been looking for "just the right package" to
> package for quite a while now.  However, I have been unsuccessful in
> finding one.

>        So, for the time being, I have given up.  Even so, I'm still very
> interested in becoming a Debian "developer."  For now, is there any...
> hrm... grunt work [ :-) ] that anyone is interested in having me do for
> them?  I'm fairly Linux/Debian competant so I should be able to do most
> "stupid" tasks with little difficultly and with a considerable amount of
> foreknowledge.

Take a look at the packages /you/ use and like:
* Check for known bugs, fix them and send patches to BTS.
* Missing manpages?
* Other documentation

If you do not find anything here take a look at the list of
work-needing packages (wnpp) or the RC bugs.

It is not too improbable that you'll stumble upon a package that has
not seen an update for a long time and that the maintainer would be
happy to give it to you, but afaik it is not necessary to be a package
maintainer to become a debian developer (But you should show that you
are able to maintain a package.)
              cu andreas (no DD)
Unofficial _Debian-packages_ of latest _tin_

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