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Re: Bug#150551: ITP: wmcoincoin -- Stupid dockapp for browsing DaCode sites news and board

Le jeu 20/06/2002 à 17:53, Julien BLACHE a écrit :

> > WMCoinCoin allows you to browse linuxfr.org, and any other site based
> > on DaCode 1.2+. Warning: it is currently only in French !
> I don't see the point in having this software included in Debian.
> The interest of wmcoincoin is _very_ limited outside of the
> linuxfr.org users community, not to say inexistent. It's sort of a
> private joke, and nothing more...

I wouldn't say that. WMcoincoin is full of features unuseful to many
people, but it is also very good as simply showing the news and the
activity on the board. Having an ugly code and a lot of private jokes
doesn't mean it is not powerful and well maintained upstream.

> Moreover it's not internationalized, and I think it will kind of
> difficult to translate some parts of the software ; most of our users
> won't understand what this is about. Add to this that the code is crap
> and is likely to break very easily.

The i18n question is more important, that's why I first asked on
debian-mentors if this software is worth packaging.

> DaCode doesn't seem to be very used (compared to PHP/PostNuke for
> instance), maybe packaging it would be more useful :)

See #145985, packaging is in progress, and by people much more competent
than me for PHP stuff.

Also, you can see (or you will see when the website is up again) at
http://dev.dacode.org/dacode-list.txt that linuxfr.org is not alone,
even if it is certainly the more important site using it.

I don't know myself if it is a good or a bad thing to put this software
in the archive. I expected flam^H^H^H^Ha debate, here it is. There are a
lot of packages in the archive that are being used by far less people
than those who use wmcoincoin. The question is « what do we want ? »

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