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PGI installer ISO image (BETA) for woody now available

Hi folks,

In light of the imminent release of Debian 3.0 ("woody"),
Progeny Linux Systems is making available to the public a BETA
version of a woody installer based on our PGI software.

ISO images of this BETA installer are available at:


Note that by default, this installer will download Debian
packages from the Debian mirror at http://archive.progeny.com/.
We encourage you to use a Debian mirror that is closer to you;
please see the list at:


We do *not* recommend using the round-robin DNS mirrors (such
as http.us.debian.org), because debootstrap may download the
Packages.gz file from one mirror, but the packages themselves
from several others, and the mirrors may not be in sync.  This
desynchronization can cause debootstrap to fail.  (Ideally,
woody is static enough that this isn't a problem, but just to
be on the safe side we recommend picking one mirror by name and
sticking with it.)

You can specify the desired mirror as follows:

1) On IA-32 (i386) systems, supply the MIRROR argument to the
"install" command at the syslinux program's "boot:" prompt.

For example:

boot: install MIRROR=http://raff.debian.org/debian/

2) On IA-64 (ia64) systems, supply the MIRROR argument to the
"elilo" command at the EFI shell when you are using the drive
letter corresponding to your CD/DVD-ROM drive.

For example:

fs2:/> elilo install MIRROR=http://raff.debian.org/debian/

Note that this is a network-based installer; it retrieves *all*
Debian packages from the Web, and is not a suitable
installation method for machines behind a firewall with no HTTP
access, or for machines with network connection at all.

You may be familiar with PGI from several discussion threads
here as well as its website:


PGI is a multi-architecture graphical and text-mode installer
for Debian.  This BETA is available for the Intel IA-32 (a.k.a.
"i386") and IA-64 platforms.

PGI is descended from the installer used by Progeny Debian 1.0
("newton"), which got very positive reviews for its easy
interface.  PGI is even more robust than its predecessor in
Progeny Debian.

Please send feedback on this BETA to
<pgi-users@lists.progeny.com>.  Please do *not* send feedback
to debian-devel unless the issue is germane to general Debian

Branden Robinson          | GPG signed/encrypted mail welcome
branden@progeny.com       | 1024D/9C0BCBFB
Consultant                | D5F6 D4C9 E25B 3D37 068C
Progeny Linux Systems     | 72E8 0F42 191A 9C0B CBFB

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