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Please read and get back to me for God seck


 This letter was borne out of my sincere desire to
establish a business/mutual  relationship with you to
invest in your country. I got your contact  while I
was making a research in liberary and  i have the
believe that you will be relaible after going through
your profile.
My name is Mr. Charles Baiden the son of Chief Joshua
Baiden (the former deputy minister of finance under
the ousted civilian government) who was killed and
mutilated by the military junta led by Major, Paul
Koroma after over-throwing  the elected government of
President Tijan Kabba.
 Though, I do not know to what extent you are familiar
with events and  disturbances in Sierra-Leone but the
pressure of war drove me and my mother out of
Sierra-Leone into exile in England where we have been
living under political  asylum for 3 years.Sadly, my
mother died of cancer 6 months ago and was buried in
 Prior to her death, she handed me over a certificate
meant for a secret deposit, which my father made in a
security company in Accra,Ghana.The deposit that is
worth $20,000,000.00 (Twenty million U.S Dollars) was
money paid to his  corporation by its overseas
customers in the heat of the conflict. He made the
deposit in his name with the hope of converting it to
his personal use at the  end of the war but was killed
when the conflict intensified as a result of
his opposition to the rebel forces. I have contacted
the Security Company to confirm the deposit and
establish  ownership.Due to the death of my
mother and the return of peace in SierraLeone,I have
decided to solicit for the participation of an honest
and trustworthy  person or company that will assist in
the transfer and business re-investment
of the money. I cannot do it alone due to my present
social status and total  ignorance of the business
world. You will be given a negotiable
percentage of the money at the end of the transaction.
 If you are interested in the above proposal, contact
me immediately through the  email address indicated
above or charlesbaid@email.com for more  details. You must maintain
confidentiality to ensure success. Please,indicate
your personal Tel/Fax nos. when replying by email.
Best regards,
Mr.Charles Baiden

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