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Re: Bug#150181: ITP: terminal -- Terminal Emulator for GNUstep

>>>>> "CW" == Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:

    Me> Terminal.app provides terminal emulation in a GNUstep
    Me> environment.

    CW> Could I encourage calling this terminal.app rather than
    CW> terminal? This would cause less namespace pollution, and would
    CW> be consistent with login.app, mixer.app, and wmppp.app.

If you check, none of those are actually GNUstep applications.

Current usage for GNUstep applications in Debian seems to be to use a
lowercased version of the name and to remove the ".app" if any. For

           GWorkspace.app      -> gworkspace
           Preferences.app     -> preferences
           Affiche.app         -> affiche
           GNUmail.app         -> gnumail
           GSDict.app          -> gsdict

I'm not crazy about calling the package "terminal", which is sort of
generic, but then again "preferences" is pretty generic, too. 

There are no current packages or virtual packages named "terminal," so
there's not a namespace clash. The description of the package says
clearly that it's for GNUstep.


Evan Prodromou

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