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Debian on Cobalt Qube

Some time ago people were asking about Debian on the Sun/Cobalt Qube.

I have just uploaded a new package to unstable - kernel-patch-2.4-cobalt, 
this is a patch for kernels 2.4.16 and 2.4.18 for the Cobalt hardware.

The 2.4.16 patch is the same as that which ships with 2.4.x Qube's (known as 
2.4.16C10), but without XFS, kdb, and kgdb.  The 2.4.18 patch is the same 
ported forward to 2.4.18 and with a ngroups patch removed because it 
conflicts with LSM.

The 2.4.18 patch has had one Oops in 2 days, which I believe to be SE Linux 
related, although the 2.4.16 kernel that Sun ships tends to Oops once or 
twice a week too...

My Qube 3 is now working fully under Debian.  All I had to do was change 
inittab to put a getty on the serial port and none on /dev/tty? devices.

The installation proceedure was to use scp to transfer a tar file containing 
a Debian archive, and then copy it onto a new partition.  The Qube can't 
select different kernels to boot (only different partitions) so you want to 
have at least two partitions having copies of Linux installed.

The kernel patch package I produced hacks the arch/i386/kernel/Makefile to 
produce a gzip compressed vmlinux file instead of a regular bzImage.  This is 
because the Qube BIOS is unable to load a bzImage format kernel.

The Qube BIOS loads the kernel from /boot/vmlinux.gz which will generally be 
a symlink to the kernel you want to boot.

NB  AFAIK Sun has never shipped a Qube or RaQ BIOS that is capable of booting 
2.4.x and 2.2.x kernels!  So if you currently have a Qube or RaQ running 
2.2.x then you can't use my kernel patch.

I would be happy to create a kernel patch package for 2.2.x kernels, but I 
have no access to the source Sun ships, and no ability to do any testing.  If 
someone wants to supply me the source and do the testing then I'll do the 

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