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Re: How to get dpkg to remove directories?

> On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 05:52:27PM -0000, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> In linux.debian.devel, you wrote:
> The attribution here could perhaps be better ...

Sorry about that -- I need to fix that in my slrn configuration.

>> > This should never happen. Files in /etc MUST be marked as
>> > conffiles.
>> Is that documented anywhere?  I couldn't find it mentioned in
>> debian-policy.
> Yes, if you read it carefully. If you're shipping a file in /etc as part
> of the .deb, the only way to preserve changes as required by the section
> on configuration files is to make it a conffile. Of course, this doesn't
> prevent you managing a configuration file in /etc entirely in your
> maintainer scripts and not marking it as a conffile, but then you're
> responsible for removing it on purge.

Thanks.  There are actually two problems with my package I'm
trying to address:

 1) I am not willing to ship a package that generates warning
    messages when it's removed.  Warning messages generate
    calls to tech support, and that costs money.

 2) After my package has been purged, I don't want any files or
    empty directories left over.  Perhaps it's just me, but
    this would seem to be the obvious expectation of the

AFAICT, I can avoid both problems by not creating a directory under /etc
for my config files.

I'm still not convinced that files in /etc/init.d and
/etc/cron.daily should conffiles.  They're not supposed to be
edited: that's why I created conffiles under /etc.

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