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Re: How to get dpkg to remove directories?

In linux.debian.devel, you wrote:

> Le mar 11/06/2002 =E0 19:20, Grant Edwards a =E9crit :
>> I'm completely stumped.  I can't figure out how to get dpkg to
>> completely remove a package.  I've created a package that
>> contains nothing but two empty files:
>>  /etc/foo/config
>>  /etc/foo/bar
>> The first is a conffile, the second isn't.
> This should never happen. Files in /etc MUST be marked as
> conffiles.

Is that documented anywhere?  I couldn't find it mentioned in

After re-reading debian-policy, it appears that the package I'm
actually working is _entirely_conffiles_ since it comprises
scripts in /init.d /etc/cron.daily, and some configuration
files in /etc.

Debian-policy says all those files all have to remain when the
package is removed.

How is my package supposed to know to not run after it's been
removed?  [Since removing it isn't supposed to actually remove

The scripts are supposed to test for the presence of an
executable file like so:

    test -f <program-executed-later-in-script> || exit 0
Well, there is no "program-executed-later-in-script" that's
part of my package.

Am I suppposed to put a dummy file that I don't really need
into /usr/bin or somewhere so that my package can tell whether
it's been removed or not?

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