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Re: [DB] Selecting preferred database [was: what about Database?]

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 03:47:10PM +1000, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> > I would like to have some infrastructure to support all these operations
> > in a standard way.
> It's not absoloutely standardised, nor perfect most likely, but I seem to
> recall an example in some Debconf documentation to do an almost identical
> thing.  There is also a system to do precisely that in the X servers to
> select which X server to use as the default.  It lists the X servers
> currently installed and asks which one you want to use.  I'd suggest going
> to the debconf docs and, more importantly, the X server config scripts. 
> Write a generalised interface to this sort of hooplah (assuming the debconf
> interface is too clunky - I don't think it is) and get everyone - databases,
> Java programs (ugh), and X server - to use it, and the world will be a
> better place.

May be you do not like it, it's not a perfect work, but i'd like all of you to
join wwwconfig-common package on the PTS and work with opal (and me) on a
package that was already built and intended for such a work.

phpGroupWare package already use it, along with a simple but working debconf
interface. After woody release, a debhelper program to install shared debconf
questions will be ready (i'm supposed to do it), and then we can use a common
set of questions.

This seems to me a good starting point: wwwconfig-common has a good base (23

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