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Re: Proposal for fixing automake (was Re: State of automake packages)

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@bluecherry.net> immo vero scripsit:

> If three more people step up to do this, and one or two people step up to
> do all the autobuilding, we can make short work of the entire contents of
> sid, I suspect.  And given authority to generally abuse power and NMU
> packages with purely the auto* fixes if the maintainer doesn't do so in a
> reasonable timeframe, I suspect it won't be too hard.

I have a very large backlog of build failures listed in
BTS already, which I myself cannot really process within a 
reasonable timeframe.

I don't think it's feasible to get something like that done.

I think we already have some unfixed build failures caused by
the new libtool.


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