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Re: Proposal for fixing automake (was Re: State of automake packages)

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 03:58:45PM -0400, Eric Dorland wrote:
> > If others are willing to do the same, I think it's a safe bet that we can
> > move to 1.6 relatively easily.  I say relatively because some of the
> > things that are no longer acceptable to the autoconf/automake people were
> > needed to get certain unprovided features in a sane manner.  Programs
> > which do anything like this are rare enough though that most people won't
> > have any trouble.  The exceptions may take some texinfo reading or some
> > person who is basically very comfortable with auto* voodoo, but I'm
> > convinced we could make short work of it.
> Again, this would be great, but rallying the troops to do this might
> be hard.

If three more people step up to do this, and one or two people step up to
do all the autobuilding, we can make short work of the entire contents of
sid, I suspect.  And given authority to generally abuse power and NMU
packages with purely the auto* fixes if the maintainer doesn't do so in a
reasonable timeframe, I suspect it won't be too hard.

Of course, people will scream about the abuse of power thing, but it is my
experience that nothing worth while gets done in this project without
_someone_ complaininag about it.  ;)

> > First thing that needs to happen in order to get that is for someone with
> > bandwidth and CPU to burn to set up an autobuilder and try building
> > anything that needs automake with 1.5/1.6 and generate a list of failure
> > cases.  Once we have that, this whole process gets simpler.
> I certainly have enough bandwidth, but how would i find all the
> packages that build-depend on automake?

You might be able to get this in some automated fashion from auric, or
more importantly one of the existing buildd operators may be able to help.
I seem to recall they happen to have such information tallied from a time
before build-depends.

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