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Re: Do you use the DBS? Document it!

On 6 Jun 2002, Brian May wrote:

> The problem with standardization is why I now maintain the dbs package,
> however, I suspect not many programs use it (ones that do use it include
> krb4, heimdal, and hello-dbs; this list may be incomplete)[1].

Indeed, standardization is nice...  I've been using DBS for quite a long
time and have migrated to your package for consistancy *and* a chance
to get some of DBS problems fixed...

I really like some of the ideas in DBS, but I'm no longer holding any
hope of it being more than a toy used by a few, with enhanced versions
held tightly by the author and rarely (if ever) released.

Migrating from the older, semi-private version of dbs to the package
was a large enough hit that it needs to wait for a new source package -
and I'm sure the follow on versions will be similiar; a pain for
those packages whose upstream rarely issues new versions.

[1] Add sendmail and x3270 to your list, though neither depend on DBS -
they include copies of it to allow building on older systems.

Rick Nelson
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