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State of automake packages

[beware, yet another "this package has been unmaintained for long post]

What's up with the automake packages?

Since aj reverted the automake 1.5 upload and added automake1.5, there
haven't been any maintainer uploads (at least for 1.5), and the bugs at
the bts have been piling up, including some nasty ones.
automake 1.6x was released long ago, but we don't have it packaged
still, and this is holding the updates for some other packages,
including libgcrypt 1.1.7, which is needed by gnutls 0.4.x, which is
needed by newer mutt-gnutls patches and wmbiff, just to name the case
that affects me.

So, is the maintainer interested in updating these, or should someone
else takeover? (I'm not volunteering, though, but I guess there would be
plenty of takers).

How handle automake now that Woody is frozen is another question. Will
automake get back to being the latest version? I guess it's the right
moment to break things in unstable.

Jordi [shielded behind zarq :p]
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