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Re: Syncing 2 homes

>> > I'm currently working extensively on my laptop and desktop Debian
>> > machines. What's the smartest/better tool to keep in sync my homes?

>> Did you tried intermezzo? It is not (yet) available in Debian, but it seems
>> to be what you are asking for.
>> More information on http://www.inter-mezzo.org/ .

I played a bit with intermezzo a few months ago. It looks promising,
but it's in no way stable or usable. i.e., you have to put very long lines
in /etc/fstab, and any error in them can cause a kernel panic ; and even
when everything is setup, disconnected operation does not work and
requires manual resynchronization.

and for CODA, it was a real PITA to install, and did not convince me

wait for intermezzo 2.0 ; in the meanwhile, use CVS, it works pretty
well (I personally use CVS for a "profile" directory and the various
docs I'm working on ; and I leave the rest untouched)

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