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Re: Uninstallable packages in woody

On 2 Jun 2002, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

> Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:
> > If some ftpmaster or the release manager is willing to help fixing wrong
> > priorities, they are more than welcome to start fixing these five ones.
> Wow, thanks!
> Now, if the ftpmasters will do this, the world would be great.  The
> bug is fixed AJ!  So can we check in the patch?  Nobody has the power
> except the ftp masters.  So, will this be done once woody goes out?

Well, I think the ftpmasters do the right thing by not modifying the
override file in an automatic fashion or a blind way.

My override file contains obvious mistakes[*]. However, if they look
at it they can start applying the modifications they seem reasonable,
at a sensible rate, say, several dozens a day, and we will probably
release woody without conflicts among optional packages.

[*] For example, in the file, perl-5.6-base is upgraded to optional,
but it shouldn't because it's a transitional package for upgrades.
Whatever package depends on it should be downgraded to extra instead.

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