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Re: New dictionaries-common Policy proposal

Junichi Uekawa wrote:

The idea is that the first part is in the national locale being the name in parenthesis in english.

Then it should probably be en_US, not english.

No, it is the language name written in the national locale, not the locale itself. There is however some freedom for the package maintainer about the contents of that line, but doing things that way is recommended.

This is what the proposal says about that:

      Language: (this field is mandatory)

Comprehensive description of the language. It is advised
> to include both the description in the original language (with the
> appropriate character coding system) and a description in English
> between parentheses. This will help the system administrators around
> the world, who does not now how the dictionaries are spelled in
> their original language.

This field will be used in the Debconf list of choices as well as a
> key for determining the language default for the ispell-wrapper
> utility. Hence, it has to be unique among all the installed
> dictionaries in the system.


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