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Re: Debian Developer Survey (short, anonymous)

On 05/30/2002 05:20:09 AM Emmanuel le Chevoir wrote:

>> On Thu, 30 May 2002, Mark Brown wrote:
>> > > How would you know the US equivalent if you're not from the US?
>> >
>> > Usually from hanging round the net and/or seeing US produced media
>> > (films, TV shows...).
>> Of course. Just give me a few seconds, I'm trying to catch a decent
>> signal with my extra-long-range antenna.

That would be called a satellite dish, over here.

>> Seriously, wouldn't this be much simplier to ask things another way ?

Making the vast assumption that one year of education in country X is
equivalent to one year of education in country Y, scrap all the "named
levels" and replace it with a "total years of attendance".  Would also want
people to make 2 part time years equal to 1 full time year, etc.

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