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Re: GPLed software and OpenSSL

>Scripsit starner@okstate.edu
>> >RMS says: However, this will not be the case if you're the *vendor*
>> >          of that proprietary operating system. We will not allow you
>> >          to enhance the utility of your steenking proprietary code by
>> >          bundling it with our free software. Set your operating
>> >          system free instead.
>> Then why haven't they sued Solaris yet?
>You'll have to ask the FSF about that, but perhaps because the GNU
>utilities are not among the standard software you can choose from in a
>standard Solaris installation from scratch?

I believe they may include some on the Solaris CDs, but I'm not
as sure about that. So you think the difference is if the installation
asks if you want to add non-US to your dselect list?

>And why are you asking me privately instead of posting to the list?

Due to my local Internet situation, I'm using the most painful
web email interface I've ever had the misfortune of using.

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